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About Us


SOIS FORMULATIONS (P) LTD. is an Ambala based organization engaged in Ethical and Franchisee marketing of Pharmaceutical products . We offer a wide range of quality products covering Tablet, Capsule, Soft gel, Syrup, Injectables, Infusions, Ointment, & Protein Powder in very attractive & elegant packs with different Brands of Cardiac, Neurology, Pediatric, Ortho, Gynecology, Diabetic, Antioxidant, Antibiotic range. At present we are working in 22 states of India through our Distribution Network.


Our priority to quality ,timely dispatch & competitive rates help us to face competition successfully and exist in competitive market. Our products have been marketed in all over India with a distribution network of more than 100 distributors.


Six sigma standards of quality maintenance is our constant endeavor which is accompanied with a promise to keep on introducing newer and newer molecules along with the market trends. All of our products are manufactured under WHO-GMP & ISO Standards. We have competent & experienced people with latest techniques to ensure excellent results & quality of our products.


For promotion of products, we will provide Visual Aids, Catch Covers, Leave Behinds, Order Book, Glossary Product Cards, Doctor’s Pad, Visiting Cards, Gift Articles, M.R. Bag, D.C.R., Tour Programme, etc..


We assure you that we will serve you best in the business. We believe in developing long term and trustworthy relationship.


The brand Sois Formulations stands for customer service and value. We believe that today business is more about offering services as per customer requirement and not just selling of goods.


Our vision is constant service of humanity with quality drugs.


Our motto is to serve ailing humanity.


Our mission is to leading Company in our field of activity, Service and excellence through continuous quality measure.

Quality is our Guarantee, Service is our Commitment